Hiring a Skip in London
October 29, 2012

Thinking of hiring a skip in London? Parking restrictions and legislation can make hiring a skip in the capital something of a headache these days, but no obstacle is insurmountable. If you use a reputable skip hire company, hiring a skip remains the easiest and most cost-effective way of disposing of unwanted waste.

The first consideration when organising skip hire in London is where you will park your container. If it needs to be placed on a road, pavement or other public land then you will need to organise a permit. Failure to do so can result in the skip being removed.

This means you do not get rid of your junk and you can be faced with a hefty fine into the bargain. Permit costs for skip hire vary depending on the local council. Generally charges range between £10 and £80 and are usually somewhere in the middle.

The permit must be obtained before you take delivery of the skip. Permits are usually taken care of on your behalf by the skip hire company but there are some London boroughs that require the hirer of the skip to apply for it directly. In this case your skip hire company should advise you of what you need to do and will provide you with any information or paperwork required.

Skip hire companies are required to be registered in the borough in which they are providing their services but it has been known for companies to operate out of area without the necessary licence. Although the onus is on the skip hire company to ensure they are permitted to operate in your area, it is always worth checking the paperwork for yourself, because if the council removes the skip it is your waste that will be left in the lurch.

With space at a premium in London it is important to check that there is enough room not just to park your skip but to get it in and out as well. The delivery vehicle will need an access route that is wide enough to accommodate it as well as sufficient room to manoeuvre the skip on and off the truck.

Finding a skip hire company in London is relatively easy. You can use the traditional method of searching the yellow pages and calling for quotes, or use an online site, which does all the hard work for you. Sites such as www.ecohubuk.com provide access to all the London skip hire companies via a single web site and operate with a best price guarantee. With 24-hour ordering and a wide range of sizes on offer, it makes sense to trust your skip hire to new technology.

Finally, do be aware that there are restrictions on what you place in your skip, and London is no exception. Disposal of items such as white goods, batteries, oil-based products, other hazardous chemicals and asbestos is controlled for health and safety reasons. If you need to dispose of anything that is not classified as standard waste, consult with your skip hire company who will be pleased to recommend and organise a suitable alternative.